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Ray Padula Hose Accessory Collection.
Transform your watering experience.

Including state-of-the-art accessories which allow you to Klick your sprinklers to your hose, accessories that allow you to effortlessly convert one faucet into many, and accessories that allow you to repair any split/broken hose, Ray Padula is proud to offer one of the most diverse line of hose accessories on the market today.

The Models
Quick Klick

QUICK KLICK  ::  Quick Connection Adapters
Tired of continuously threading sprinklers, accessories, and nozzles onto your hose? Wish there was a faster way?  There is.  Ray Padula's Quick Klick collection of quick connection adapters allows you to "klick" sprinklers, accessories, and nozzles directly onto your hose with a guaranteed leak free connection every time.  Best of all, our Stop It! design automatically shuts the water off when you disconnect your hose from your sprinkler, eliminating the need to walk back and forth to the faucet when switching between sprinklers and accessories.  Why thread, when you can Klick?

Split It!

SPLIT IT!  ::  Hose Splitter Accessories
Unfortunately many homes are only equipped with one outdoor faucet.  With one outdoor faucet, it's impossible to have independently functioning water control in the front and back yard.  Whether you simply require separate front and back control or require four independently functioning faucets, Ray Padula is pleased to offer a Split It! for you.

Shut It!

SHUT IT!  ::  Hose Flow Control Accessories
When flow control is desired at sprinklers that do not feature built in flow control, or at the joining of two hoses, our Shut It! collection is here to help.  From a familiar plastic shut off to an all new patent pending thumb control design, our Shut It! collection is one of the most diverse in the entire hose end industry.

Repair It!

REPAIR IT!  ::  Hose Repair Accessories
Accidents happen.  Some things don't last forever.  When faced with a split/broken hose, the desire to join two hoses together, or wish to repair your hoses' threads, our Repair It! collection just made life simpler.  Ray Padula precision engineered Grip Tite inner housings combined with our extra tight, ABS plastic clamp design allows our Repair It! fittings to work under low and extremely high water pressure.  Constructed of glass filled nylon, and stainless steel screws, our Repair It! accessories are guaranteed to work, as promised season-after-season.


CLINCH-N-REPAIR  ::  Clinch Style Hose Repair Accessories
A product invented in 1904, over 100 years ago that revolutionized the hose-end industry is now within the Ray Padula product line.  Part of a three piece collection added to the industry largest hose repair offering, Ray Padula Clinch-N-Repair hose repairs, simply "clinch" to mend hoses.

Convert It!

CONVERT IT!  ::  Pipe Thread Conversion Accessories
Ray Padula Convert It! solid brass thread converters are specially designed fittings allowing for conversion between standard pipe threads and garden hose thread configurations.


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