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Ray Padula Hose Nozzle Collection 
The most complemented Nozzle collection in hose-end. 

The most diverse nozzle line on the market today, featuring numerous patents, exemplifies Ray Padula's commitment to innovation.  Perhaps one of the most well designed nozzle collection, no other nozzles come close to ours.

The Models
Series R

SERIES R  ::  Thumb Control Hose Nozzle Collection
Expanding on the industry standard of innovation showcased within the Ray Padula Series Blue nozzle collection, the Series R collection features state-of-the art designs, options, functionality, and water flow control.  With a simple push of your thumb, water activation and flow control are activated in one motion.  Furthering enhanced Ray Padula designs, for comfort, class, elegance, and performance in one elite unit, meet Series R.

Series Blue - Heavy-duty Ergonomical Nozzle Collection

SERIES BLUE  ::  Ergonomical Hose Nozzle Collection
State-of-the-art design.  State-of-the-art features.  State-of-the-art functionality.  State-of-the-art price.  It seems that our Series Blue ergonomical nozzles are just that - state-of-the-art.  Their patented innovative design, solid die cast metal inner construction, and an extremely comfortable soft rubber coating allows Ray Padula Series Blue nozzles to surpass all other nozzle designs.

Series Green

SERIES GREEN  ::  Professional Hose Nozzle Collection
Designed with comfort at our focus, Ray Padula Series Green nozzles feature a wide array of available options and designs, including a patented Comfi-Grip mold, a Click-N-Stay 2-Tier trigger combination, and a threaded tip pistol nozzle, we have a Series Green nozzle for every application.

Series Comfi-Spray - Comfi-Grip Nozzle Collection

SERIES COMFI-SPRAY  ::  Comfi-Grip Hose Nozzle Collection
True or false?  Often times, people enjoy using products that are more comfortable, and easy to use instead of those that are not?  True.  When developing our Comfi-Spray patent pending nozzle line, we incorporated both comfort, features, and ease of use into every model.  Whether you prefer to "Click It!," "Pull It!," "Twist It!," use your thumb to make flow control adjustments, or wish you could twist your nozzle's spray pattern in all directions, you now can.  With Comfi-Spray, we've got a configuration for everything.

Series Fan Spray

SERIES FAN SPRAY  ::  Deluxe Shower Nozzle Collection
Perhaps one of the most familiar nozzle designs, Ray Padula is pleased to introduce our line of six enhanced fan spray nozzles.  Unlike ordinary plastic fan sprays, Ray Padula incorporated our molded Comfi-Grip design, a wide array of flow control options, twistable nozzle tops, as well as a metal construction.  It's clear to see...these are not your average fan sprays.

Series Fire!

SERIES FIRE!  ::  Fireman Style Nozzle Collection
We've taken the design, performance, durability, and functionality of the traditional "fireman's nozzle," scaled it down in size, added enhancing features (such as a patented insulated rubber coating), and created our Series Fire! nozzle collection.  Offering superior water distribution (from a drenching flutter to a powerful stream), whether your washing the car or watering delicate flowers, one of our Series Fire! nozzles are sure to get the job done.

Series Industrial

SERIES INDUSTRIAL  ::  Industrial Quality Nozzle Collection
Precision engineering.  Innovative designs.  High material endurance.  Dedicated workmanship.  Everything that's needed to create heavy-duty adjustable industrial nozzles.  Ray Padula is pleased to offer industrial nozzles that are tested and ranked the highest in the hose end industry.  From our brass stems with metal construction to our innovative rubber coatings, Ray Padula industrial nozzles are built to handle any specification your job entails - including water pressures as high as 200 PSI with water temperatures as high as 160F.

Series Chrome

SERIES CHROME  ::  Chrome Plated Nozzle Collection
Think "chrome."  What comes to mind?  Usually heavy-duty, "first class," appealing, and at times shiny, right?  Simply looking at the definition - "a particular version of the alloy metal group - often used to add luster and beauty" - perfectly describes the newly released Ray Padula Series Chrome nozzles.  Featuring a heavy-duty chrome plated construction, an innovative body design, and a satin plated enhancement, Ray Padula Series Chrome nozzles are in a class of their own.

Series Sweep It!

SERIES SWEEP IT!  ::  Brass Jet Nozzle Collection
Commonly used for cleaning sidewalks, driveways, decks or other outdoor objects, Sweep It! nozzles are designed to spray a powerful stream.  In addition to providing a powerful stream, Ray Padula Sweep It! Plus and Sweep It! Deluxe models have been designed to provide a wide angled, powerful Sweep Spray greatly enhancing their functionality.

Series Twist It!

SERIES TWIST IT!  ::  Brass Twist Hose Nozzle Collection
Constructed of solid brass, Ray Padula Series Twist It! twistable brass nozzles easily adjust from a delicate mist to a powerful stream.  Showcasing innovative designs, from a Comfi-Grip rubber coated handle, to an exclusive Mini-Twist! nozzle, we're confident when looking for a standard hose nozzle, you'll find what your looking for with Series Twist It!  Guaranteed to last for as long as you own your home, no other nozzle is built quite like Series Twist It!


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